Dear Hauptwerk interessents - welcome to our web page !

PC & MUSIK is a specialist for Hauptwerk complete solutions. We deliver into all parts of Europe and even to Russia, Korea and Taiwan. Our goal is a complete and competent consultation and an excellent service after delivery.
On our web page you`ll find everything, needed to build a complete Hauptwerk enviroment:

- Hauptwerk consoles (BDO specification) with Fatar- and UHT-keyboards
- Hi-performance computer systems Core i3/i5/i7 (also Bundles)
- Hi-quality soundcards (RME, M-Audio, MOTU)
- Faytech Touchscreens 17", 19" Wide, 22" Wide
- Hauptwerk virtual organ software
- Sample sets from OAM, Milan, Sonusparadisi, Pipeloops and Sygsoft
- Audio-Equipment and variously cables

If you are interested into a special product or if you have general questions, don`t hesitate to contact us.
Please use the contact form on our web page or write an email to
We┬┤ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Uwe Horche